Cornflower Blue Invincible Review in Billy Bop Magazine

Style : Country
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Canadian duo Trevor May & Theresa MCInerney aka Cornflower Blue releases their second album Run Down the Rails early 2012. Although the band wasn’t really out there to take part in the International musicscene they certainly are from now on. Put together more for the fun of making music, the first album of Cornflower Blue reached out to many people with a heart for country & American roots music and before they realised it their fan base increasingly grew over the years. Not really having the aspirations to become big stars, the band is happy with their status as they think the songs need to be heard by a wider audience then what they locally can achieve and that is a mission they have accomplished. Self proclaimed as electric Folk, their sound is something in between Country and old time music with a dash of folk music. It does look promising for sure.

From times to times, Cornflower Blue sounds like the Walkabouts or even Cowboy Junkies, which is of course always a good reference. “Car in the parking lot” is certainly one of those tunes that live up to the Cowboy Junkies reference. “Morning with the young man” throws in some bluegrass feelings while on “Morning in Burned House” the band sounds much more modern and electric. An reference is on its place here. Theresa MCInerney’s voice is really a sound alike of the younger version of Carla Torgerson, something that becomes truly audible on “Morning in Burned House”. The band claims that their sound is shaped by bands like BARK, Jason and the Scorchers and even the Pixies, but in all honestly their sound is more unique as they admit. As you listen to the tunes on the album and are reaching near the end it also becomes clear that they are either quite modest or try to be so, because this is not an album put together by amateurs who just want to make fun.

Run down the Rails contains eight tracks of which each of them is worth you attention and money. To close down the album they come with a truly nice rendition of Fisherman’s Blues, which is a least as good as the original. A tune originally brought to you by the Waterboys back in the nineties! Not only did they have me digging out those Waterboys albums again, but also the band gives me great time with this release! Check this out for sure!

Mr. Blue Boogie