Cornflower Blue Review in the Alternate Root

‘Run Down the Rails’ is the second album effort from Cornflower Blue and it finds the band raising a mighty roar and punching down the accelerator on their Alt Country music machine. The twangs carry a rock bombast that bows at the altar of Jason & The Scorchers as much as The Pixies.

Cornflower Blue is the child of Canadian duo Trevor May and Theresa McInerny who offer ‘Run Down the Rails’ with a full backing band for the extra punch. Trevor May feels that ‘we’ve put more attention to detail and time into this record than any other in our fifteen-plus year career”. What Trevor puts off to being detail oriented leaves other helm drivers in the dust given that he produced the album, guided the players and made all of the instruments with the exception of drums and fiddle. His homemade guitar came complete with B-Benders. Cornflower Blue blend their voices in the vein of Richard and Linda Thompson, adding a good balance to the guitar distortion that anchors the album in Alt Country.