Cornflower Blue are:
Trevor May and Theresa McInerney

They are a pair of musicians from Ottawa, Canada that have been playing and recording together for over 20 years. They and their band have released two albums, charted on national radio charts, and played innumerable shows from theatres to basements. They are currently working on their third album expected to be out early 2016.

Rootsy arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, stunning harmonies, and hot guitar solos have led people to compare Cornflower Blue to other female/male musical partnerships like Linda and Richard Thompson, and Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons. The second album is filled with universal tales of the human condition including ending relationships (Run Down the Rails, Morning in the Burned House), re-kindling old relationships (Try Again), and losing a loved one (Car in the Parking Lot, Fisherman’s Blues).

What People Are Saying about Cornflower Blue:

"...McInerney’s strong voice keep the listener rapt." - PopMatters

"...tight harmonies that remind one of some of Country’s finest moments" - Music News Nashville

"Leave it to a couple of Canadians to serve up a tasty slice of Americana" - Pittsburg Daily News

"Cornflower Blue sounds like the Walkabouts or even Cowboy Junkies" -

"Raucous (North) Americana ... that twangs, sashays, and stomps." - Rocktober

"...Theresa’s vocal talents gave us goosebumps..." -

" like a unsaddled crazy Canadian horse..." -

"a unique sound with thoughtful lyrics, lush harmonies and chiming guitars" - Kitchisippi Times